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Our software experience includes ESRI® ArcGIS, ArcINFO, ArcView and ArcIMS, ERDAS® Imagine, IDRISI™ and MapInfo®.

GIS Training

Team members have substantial experience presenting seminars to administrators and university students and in training and mentoring GIS staff.
Many participants in the Guyana Integrated Natural Resources Information System (GINRIS) as well as university undergraduates and staff have benefitted from such exercises.
Training on metadata was done in St. Lucia for CPACC.
Training in ESRI ArcGIS 8.3 was done for Royal Haskoning/ Nederland. A training manual may be found on the Guyana Coast website.


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Archaeology of the Iwokrama Forest. © 2000 Iwokrama.The first GIS in Guyana was established in 1995 at the Iwokrama International Centre. It provides planning and other services for 3,700 sq. kilometres of unspoilt rain forest with datasets on flora, fauna, drainage, topography, archaeology, indigenous communities, etc. to staff scientists and visiting researchers of this Commonwealth institution. [Download the first GIS coverage produced in Guyana; 69KB Zip]


Guyana Biological Interest AreasOne of the mandates of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to facilitate the sustainable use of Guyana's natural resources. To this effect a GIS unit was started in 1998 to improve the spatial decision making process. This unit managed all spatial related data at the EPA covering the entire 215,000 sq km of Guyana, assisted its stakeholders with their GIS needs and contributed significantly to projects such as the CPACC project and the Shore Zone Management Systemproject. It also took the lead in geospatial metadata research for the Guyana Integrated Natural Resource Information System (GINRIS) and for Guyana's National Policy on GIS.


Forest Resources Allocation Map. Courtesy GFC FRIU.In 2001, at the request of the Commissioner of Forests, the GIS operations of the Guyana Forestry Commission were evaluated and recommendations made for making them an effective part of the organisation. In early 2002 the recommendations were further implemented, and a formal GIS Unit, the GFC Forest Resources Information Unit, was established and staffed.

A strategic approach, operating protocol and suggested work plan for operation of the Unit was prepared, and the staff were orientated in their new operations. The GFC GIS now helps the GFC manage the 162,000 sq. km State Forest, and routinely provides services to GFC staff, other government agencies, concession owners and other forestry sector stakeholders.

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