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  Our work has been featured in GIS in the Caribbean
(ESRI®, 2000)
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Caribbean GIS is a group of GIS Specialists with over twenty years of combined experience creating and managing Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We can provide:
  • Reliable back-office data entry
  • Experienced professionals to design, establish or manage your GIS
  • Remote Sensing image processing
    (e.g. IKONOS, LandSat, JERS, SPOT)
  • Spatial Analysis and Mathematical Models

The team leader, Vijay Datadin, holds an MSc in GIS from Edinburgh University (1999) and has practicised GIS since 1995.

Our software experience includes ESRI® ArcGIS 9.3, PC ArcINFO and ArcView, ERDAS® Imagine, IDRISI™ and MapInfo®.

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