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Coastal Zone Management

An ArcGIS-based GIS supporting management of the Buccoo Reef Marine Protected Area off of the south-western shore of Tobago West Indies, and the surrounding coastal zone/ watersheds was built under the aegis of the Caribbean-wide Integrated Watershed & Coastal Area Management project.

An information system that combined ArcView and Microsoft® Access was built to manage spatial and descriptive data for the sea defences of the island of Leguan (42 sq. kilometres), at the mouth of the Essequibo River.

Image © 2002 ESRI®The Sea Defences Management Information System (SDMIS 100KB) allows users to use data from a database while maintaining live links with it. The system offers such features as the ability to view photographs and cross sections of each sea defense segment by clicking on it. System features allow users to view attributes for each segment, query the database and visually display outcomes. The system also allows users to view metadata for each dataset. The system demonstrated an expert system concept - the Caribbean Planning for Adaptation to Global Climate Change (CPACC) Coastal Resource Inventory System (CRIS).

Team members built Guyana's first GIS-enabled website, delivering GIS maps, imagery and data on the Guyana Coast to the public.

The system is flexible, scalable and can be adapted to the entire Guyana coast and any other coastal sea defences.

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