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Our software experience includes ESRI® ArcGIS, ArcINFO, ArcView and ArcIMS, ERDAS® Imagine, IDRISI™ and MapInfo®.

Team members built Guyana's first GIS-enabled website, delivering GIS maps, imagery and data on the Guyana Coast to the public.



Caribbean GIS is a group of GIS Specialists with over twenty years of combined experience creating and managing Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

We can provide:

Reliable data entry
We understand completely the need for accuracy and reliability in performing data entry tasks, whether the technique required is heads-up digitizing or spreadsheet data entry, and producing properly georeferenced (projected) products. E.g. Processing of forest inventory data, from raw data recorded on field sheets, into logging block maps with accompanying stock estimates and other management parameters.

Experienced professionals to design, establish or manage your GIS
Team members knowledge and ability come from day-to-day experience building and managing large, operational GISs. These GIS's still operate today. We understand not just the objective of achieving spatial accuracy, but the business of running an office, procurement of equipment and project management, and the wider issue of developing a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).

Team members have excellent writing and presentation skills and with their significant experience as a foundation, have successfully trained undergraduates, university staff, professionals from other disciplines and line staff in both software and concepts. Team members have also presented papers at professional conferences and academic seminars and gained experience delivering formal IT training courses. They themselves have been trained at institutions in the UK, Netherlands, West Indies and Brasil.

Remote Sensing Image Processing
The team leader has been trained at ERDAS Inc. in Imagine Professional with Radar and has experience with georectifcation, mosaicing, supervised classification and interpretation, and imagery from IKONOS, LandSat, JERS and SPOT.

Spatial Analysis and Mathematical Models
Answers are why any Information System exists. Unique strengths of GIS are integration of disparate data and amplification into results. The team has had experience planning and executing spatial models/ analysis with field data, data extracted from paper maps and remote sensing data, in real-world areas of interest. These include:

  • Sea Defences Management Information System (CPACC SDMIS). Built as an expert system for sea defences management
  • Predictive tree distribution. Using GIS as a lens to "see" into the clutter of a South American rainforest.
  • Understorey forest flooding detection. Combining canopy-penetrating radar and terrain analysis to delineate an extensive natural phenomenon.
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